How many kilometers does the aircraft fly per liter?

How many kilometers does the aircraft fly per liter

When it comes to buying a brand new bike or car, the thing that comes to our mind the most is how many miles will that vehicle go on one liter of fuel? As much as we are aware of the mileage of our car or bike, have you ever wondered how many kilometers a plane flies per liter? Doesn't feel. Because there is no need to think in that sense. Even if we travel by plane, we do not bother with the fare.

As we know, most vehicles give 30 to 60 kilometers mileage per liter. But the bigger the car, the higher the fuel consumption.

As a result, mileage will also decrease. For example, a Boeing 747 consumes 4 liters of fuel per second. In other words, flying one minute consumes 240 liters of fuel for this aircraft.

According to Boeing's website, the 747 aircraft consumes 12 liters of fuel per kilometer. In other words, this aircraft travels a distance of 0.6 km with 1 liter of fuel. As such, the 12-hour journey consumes 1 lakh 82,600 liters of fuel. The Boeing plane carried at least 500 passengers. It can fly at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour.

According to various reports, most aircraft consume 3,200 liters of fuel per hour.

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