How to travel around the world in 2022 at low cost

How to travel around the world in 2022 at low cost

The goal of our previous generation's life was to get married by having a job, to have children. Then build a beautiful house and go to the grave when you have grandchildren. Our current generation is a little different. We do not have easy money. Talking to my friends, I understood that most of them are reluctant to buy land-houses-apartments. But, the millennial generation is incredibly enthusiastic about one thing; That is traveling.

Travel around the world in 2022 at very low cost

If I were asked what was the greatest experience of my short life, I would say without hesitation:

We grew up in our own small confines. Our knowledge of the outside world is very narrow. This can lead to "xenophobia" or hostility towards other nations. 

A large part of the population of Bangladesh is deeply hostile to India or Pakistan. If they ever visited India or Pakistan, they might change their minds. 

Our idea is that all the boys and girls in the western world are having unwanted intercourse all day long. Anyone who has traveled the western world would not think so. From childhood we learn to eat the same rice-fish-chicken. I can't even think that there is food outside of this. 

When traveling abroad, when you have the opportunity to taste Japanese ramen or Hungarian goulash, the spectrum of taste as well as the mental horizon will expand.

The greatest blessing of travel is the expansion of the mind. The man who travels around the country is less racist, it's fun to talk to him and he doesn't look down on others. This is my personal experience.

So, I preach a message to everyone— “Please go for a walk. It's time to dump her and move on. "

But how? Where can I get money? How to get visa in Bangladeshi passport?

In this blog, I am discussing some tips for traveling with Bangladeshi passport at low cost. Of course, I am not the ideal person to write this blog. My own experience is very similar. So, from the beginning, I am acknowledging the limitations of my own knowledge. If you have any other tips, please let us know in the comments.

I will definitely add that. Another caveat - this blog is not for rich / honeymoon couples / comfortable travelers. It is a ploy of hard working people to save money on foreign travel.

Tips-01: Think of passports and visas in country elections

It's a little difficult to get around first. Because not everyone understands the process of applying for a visa. So, it is very wise to go to a country where visa is not required. It also takes 1 to 20 thousand rupees depending on the country to get a visa. If you go to a country without a visa, the cost will be saved.

Bangladeshi passport holders do not need to apply for a visa before visiting the following countries. In some of them you have to fill the online form. Which one has to pay a fee to get off at the airport. Again this list changes every year. So it is a good idea to check Google before going to any country.

Asia: Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Georgia, Laos, Madiun, Maldives, Nepal, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Timor, Bali (Indonesia), Philippines.

Africa: Burundi, Cape Verde, Djibouti, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Seychelles, Togo, Uganda, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Monserrat, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Turk Island, British Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Tobago Benin

Rest of the world: Cook Islands, Fiji, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Tavalu, Vanuatu, Bahamas, Barbados, Haiti.

(The list is taken from a few sources. Please do not rely on it 100%. It is wise to go to each country's website and make sure, you’re doing right.)

I would like to request the new travelers to start with the neighboring Nepal, Bhutan. A few seals on the passport may help in applying for a visa to Thailand or Singapore in the future. Getting a first visa on a blank passport may take a bit of speed. It is relatively easy for Bangladeshis to visit India, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali.

Tips-02: You have to buy air ticket in off season

Ticket prices are much higher during the hot season. In the western world, buying tickets during Christmas-Easter will make you bankrupt. In any country summer costs go up a lot. Off-season is a good time to visit. Air ticket prices go down a lot during Ramadan. In my personal experience, tickets from can be bought at the lowest rates. (skyscanner did not pay me. I would be happy to give.)

Let me tell you my experience. Easter closes in the UK in April.

Everyone wants to be home on April 19th. So, if you visit Ireland on this date, the ticket price will be much higher (say 19 thousand rupees). The next week, on the 28th, the ticket price was halved again (say 6,000 rupees). Because everyone went back to work at the end of the holiday. Seeing that no one wants to travel anymore, the airlines reduce the prices. Manipulation of all demand-supply curves!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Direct flights cost more. The cost of connecting flights with large gaps is relatively low. Although it is a lot of time to sit at the airport. Although I really enjoy the buddhaparata!

2. Which day, when you fly is also important. Friday night and Monday morning flights are more expensive. Bad timing flights are cheap. Suppose the cost of a 3 o'clock flight is the lowest. So when searching, try searching one or two days back. Learn how to book your own tickets online. The travel agent will see his own profit, his convenience is his second priority.

3. It is wise to collect the milestones of the airline. My friends gave their lives for the sake of getting Miles Point of British Airlines. Flight booking discounts are available with Miles Point. Sometimes business class upgrades are available. Airlines around the world are divided into three major groups: one world, star alliance, sky team. It is wise to travel on the same airline. 

Then one point can be used in the other. With this point you can dine for free buffet at the world's largest airport. If you have an American Express credit card, you can earn air mile points by shopping at grocery stores. So, do a little search and read these.

4. Traveling with huge luggage is quite expensive. Many airlines charge differently for bags. It's a pleasure to be backpacking in Traveler's Spirit. Just learn to walk around with a shoulder bag. Even if you don't take seven pairs of shoes for four days. My friend Ifti and I often go out for a walk. The luggage is light; Traveling is comfortable.

So why the delay? Search now for the next tour ticket.

Tips-03: AirBnB or

The answer is - both! Hotel rental is a big expense. Depending on the location, only 30% of the money goes to this sector. Personally, I am against pouring money into hotels. Because, when I go to a new place, I just go to sleep and sleep in the hotel room; I stay outside indefinitely. So, Travelers Hostel is my first choice. If you travel alone, you will be able to hang out with many strangers in the hostel. The joy of travel will increase manifold. 

AirBnB and are a must see. Many times the offer goes. Good hotels are also available at low cost. The intelligent traveler looks for all the options and then selects the best option. 

Here are few important things to keep in mind:

1. Don't stay if the hostel reviews are bad. Luggage can also be stolen. The review is very important.

2. AirBnB / offers low-cost accommodation a short distance from the city center. If you travel in groups, you can have a house of 4 people and manage 6-7 people there. Someone will sleep on the sofa, sleeping bag. In this way it is possible to reduce the cost.

3. I don't leave my house empty every time I visit. Instead, I rent it on AirBnB. A lot of times I bring a lot of money for my travels like this. If you can present your room / home a little nicely, there is no problem in getting guests. However, if your home is in a crowded area, then the opposite is true!

4. Breakfast is included in many hostels / hotels / AirBnB. Having such a place reduces the cost of breakfast.

5. AirBnB homes have cooking utensils. If you buy food from a grocery store and cook it, it is possible to save the cost of food outside. This stinginess is very useful, especially when traveling in Europe!

Tips-04: More people, less cost

When traveling with a group of 5-6 people, the cost of travel and hotel is shared among many. The cost of one's life is greatly reduced. However, I do not suggest traveling in a group of 20 people. Then a lot of time is wasted in making decisions. Find a cult with 4-5 like-minded believers. Travel abroad with them with the feeling of death. If you love to eat, go around with another group of eaters. If you want to stay in a five star hotel, manage some well-to-do friends. If you want to do fantasy sports find adrenaline junkie type people. If you love coffee, get some more coffee lovers. If you love to walk the streets in the dark of night, find a few boundaries (I myself am a member of this group). The biggest help to travel is a hassle-free partner. If your friend sleeps till 11 o'clock, then put him to sleep at home in Dhaka and go for a walk alone. What does it mean to go to another country and sleep with plane fare?

Tips-05: Exclude tourist sports

Activities like bungee jumping, paragliding, sky diving, scuba diving can cost around Rs 5-30,000. So, if you want to travel at low cost, avoid these. Sitting in a beautiful place with the people of the mind and drinking coffee at the breakfast table, you will see that life will feel much more beautiful. For this reason, there is no need to jump from a hill with 10 thousand rupees. 

Tips-07: No shopping

At this point, the female reader of my blog has become half. Yes! Money can save you at least 25% if you do not shop! Everybody goes for a walk and buys things for Gusti. I don't see the need for student travelers to do this. Think about it, with one of your shopping trips, maybe 50% of the funds for another trip can be funded. Once you start traveling, start thinking like this.

Tips-07: Become an importer

Maybe you're going to America. Someone wants to buy a laptop from there. By becoming a member of backpackbang you can do this for someone else. You get a commission yourself. That may increase the cost of your two-day trip. Many people are opening a group on Facebook and buying regular items from India. One of my younger brothers has visited India at least 10 times like this. You can too.

Tips-07: Reduce coffee consumption outside

From a little travel experience, I say, "Coffee is an incredibly expensive drink." A cup of coffee costs about 200-500 rupees. Many people eat up to 3 cups of coffee a day. If you can't live without coffee, make your own coffee at AirBnB / Hotel. Drugs will work. But, if you don't sit outside and drink coffee every day, you will see that you will save 1 thousand rupees per day. For many, coffee is a fashion again. The trip is not successful if you don't give coffee pictures on Instagram. You can put me in that category too.

However, as a sinner, I say, save a lot of money without drinking coffee.

Tips-09: Learn to use public transport

Landed at the airport. From there you can go to the hotel by taxi or Uber! A lot of money. Find out if there is a bus / train. It is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program in Europe. There is a trade-off called "day-ticket". Unlimited tours anywhere in the city all day for a fixed fee.

The cost of traveling by bus / train is much lower in India. In Thailand, it is wise to ride a bike with the Grab app. Before going to any city, visit to see the cost of different vehicles. Taxis and Uber are usually the most expensive vehicles. Avoiding these will save a lot of money. Walking is quite cheap; The cost is close to zero. People who walk have less heart disease and more general knowledge.

Tips-10: Be Responsible

On many trips there are a few people who cause trouble. Some lost their mobile phones, some got into accidents while riding bikes, some got very sick. All this costs unwanted money. These can be avoided by going around and behaving a little responsibly. You don't want to scuba dive. Friends gave a pressure dive. The rest of the trip is accompanied by vomiting and fever. Fun soil for both you and your friend. Traveling with sick people is one of the most difficult experiences in life. 

So, take your necessary medicines, useful things, mobile charger, cosmetics etc. with you. Then you don't have to spend money to buy it abroad.

One cannot observe all these ten points. I myself do not follow tips -05 and 06. Humans are diverse animals. Each person's test is the same. Some want to spend money on air travel, some in hotels, some in coffee shops.

Before you make a trip with your friends, decide together which ones are best for you to follow. My words are not the words of the Qur'an-Hadith. You can disobey it if you want. No one will burn in the fire of hell. Empty pocket money will burn!

I will end my travel philosophy again. After food and research, traveling is the most important thing in my life. Maybe I will find another traveler when choosing a life partner. This life is too short; The world is too big.

So, plan today where to go! If you don't visit at least 25 countries in your life, your university degree will be canceled (lies; these are my propaganda). Thoughts of those who have not gone abroad are often very narrow. On the other hand, one of the most beautiful moments of life is when you sit on a huge hill and watch the horizon for hours on end. The mind of the man who travels abroad is as vast as that mountain.

Tips are called, philosophy is called. But you think to yourself, “Shit! I don't have a lot of money like you. ” Honestly, I have given up a lot of things in my life to get around. We work hard from morning till night so that we can save money for the next trip. My life philosophy extends to the next trip. Can't see too much out of it. I don't know how to earn money without working, Tips are called, philosophy is called. But you think to yourself, “Shit! I don't have a lot of money like you. ” Honestly, I have given up a lot of things in my life to get around. We work hard from morning till night so that we can save money for the next trip. My life philosophy extends to the next trip. Can't see too much out of it. I don't know how to earn money without working, brother. There is no alternative to hard work in life. Many travel questions at the bottom of this blog. 

Many people will ask some simple questions about travel at the bottom of this blog. I tell them, “Look at Google. How can a person who is not willing to go to Google look for a unique country? ”

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the picture above this blog. The most beautiful picture of my life. Taken at a place called Chelela-Pass in Paro, Bhutan. I am sitting on a huge hill and looking at the giant. I will see this picture again and again before I die. I will never regret this life.

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