It will cost less than 2 lakh taka for workers to go to Malaysia

It will cost less than 2 lakh taka for workers to go to Malaysia

Expatriate Welfare Minister Md. Imran Ahmed said that it would cost less than Rs 2 lakh for workers to go to Malaysia. And the salary in those sectors will be determined by the government

He made the remarks in response to a question from reporters in the lobby of Hotel Safital Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Sunday (December 19th) evening

Regarding the syndicate in sending workers, the minister said, "Once the recruitment of workers from Bangladesh starts, there is no opportunity to be syndicated from Bangladesh as before." This time the Malaysian recruiting agency is involved in sending staff, which was not the case before.

Now if he has syndicated from Malaysia then I don't know. You say I am the Malaysian government? 

At the same time, the minister added, "All legitimate recruiting agencies will be able to send staff." Even then, if there is a syndicate, he said when it happens. Tell the one who will syndicate. When it is being said from Bangladesh that there will be no syndicate, then why do you listen to rumors? Another thing to keep in mind is that signing a MoU does not mean that recruitment has started.

There will be more bilateral meetings and discussions on the issue. We are thinking more about you than you are thinking about this. If you do a little research on the issue of signing the current MoU and find out the difference, you will understand how successful we can be. '

Asked about the cost of workers going to Malaysia and the basic salary, the minister said, "Although it has not been finalized yet, we can guarantee that it will be less than Rs 5, 4, 3 or 2 lakh."

And in all the sectors where there is a basic salary, the government will fix the salary. '

Asked if the ongoing legalization process would be legalized under recalibration without sending back all the Bangladeshi expatriates detained in detention camps in Malaysia for various reasons, the minister hurriedly got into the car without answering.

BMET Director General Md. Shahidul Alam, the Minister was accompanied by journalists from print and electronics media.

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