The most searched Topics in Google in 2021

The most searched Topics in Google in 2021

Just one more day. Farewell 2021. Preparations are underway to welcome the new year 2022. Internet users have grown a lot around the world. The number of Google searches has also increased. Gazettes Now, a technology news outlet in India, has published a list of the most searched topics on Google in 2021.

The top 5 topics on the Google search list are:

No. 1 Topic is Australia vs India

There is no shortage of interest in cricket. The men's T20 World Cup was held on him in 2021. The tournament runs from October 17 to November 14. There was no shortage of interest in the T20 World Cup, according to a Google search. The most searched topic in the world in 2021 is cricket vs Australia vs India.

No. 2 Topic is India vs. England

India vs. England is at the top of the Google search list this year. Cricket is very popular among the masses of India. As the game is popular in the subcontinent as well, this phrase related to cricket is at the beginning of Google search.

No. 3 Topic is IPL

The 14th edition of IPL was held in 2021. The tournament ended in two stages due to Corona. For that reason, IPL was under discussion throughout the year. Whose impression is also found in Google search.

No. 4 Topic is NBA

The phrase in the fourth place in the Google search list is NBA. The NBA's full-fledged National Basketball Association. It is the most popular professional basketball league in North America. A total of 30 teams participate in this league.

No. 5 Topic is Euro-2021

After cricket-basketball, people have shown the most interest in football. That is why the phrase 'Euro-2021' is at number five in the list of Google searches worldwide in 2021. Number six also has football related issues. And that is Copa America.

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