The Prime Minister is coming, the exiled Bangladeshi Maldivian expatriates

The Prime Minister is coming, the exiled Bangladeshi Maldivian expatriates

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's upcoming visit is now in the discussion of Bangladeshis staying in Maldives. After the visit of the President and Vice President of Maldives to Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to Maldives. Bangladeshis in the country have expressed their excitement over this.

They hope that the problems of the expatriate workers will be solved by further strengthening the relations between the two countries through the visit of the Prime Minister.

There are about one lakh Bangladeshis in Maldives. Of these, about 50,000 are 'irregular'. Most of the expatriates are working in the tourism sector.

In addition, many are working as salesmen, security guards, construction workers. Apart from this, many Bangladeshis are also engaged in fishing.

Despite the demand for manpower in the Maldives, the country is not hiring new Bangladeshi workers. Many old workers have also become illegal as they have not been able to renew their contracts. 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to visit Maldives on December 22. As a result, Bangladeshis are hoping for a new labor market in the country.

Md. Has been teaching in Maldives for more than 30 years. Saiful Islam.

He is the founding president of the Bangladesh Community Welfare Association, an organization of expatriate Bangladeshis in the Maldives. 

He told that the ban imposed by the Maldives on hiring Bangladeshi workers must be lifted. This is disgraceful to us. The workers of our country have done a good job here. If the issue is resolved during the visit of the Prime Minister, the irregular workers of our country will be able to become regular. The opportunity to send new staff will also be created.

Not only unskilled workers, but also expatriates in Maldives think it is possible to send trained manpower. Saiful Islam said that if people trained in various fields of tourism are sent to this country, they will be able to work for a higher salary. In addition, there is a demand for doctors and nurses in the Maldives.

Irregular expatriates are having a bad time in the Maldives. That is why they are not getting fair wages and medical benefits. They have to rely on hundi to send money to the country.

Although there is a money transfer agent under National Bank Limited (NBL) in Male, there is no full banking facility there. Irregular people do not have the opportunity to come to the country on holiday. Even if someone dies irregularly, his body has to be collected and sent back to the country.

Maldives Expatriate Welfare Foundation President. Abdul Quader said, "It is true that the police do not make arrests here, but the irregularities do not get much opportunity. We hope that a solution will come during the visit of the Prime Minister. Many expatriates are not getting any permanent job.

They have to look for work every day. Many do not get a fair wage even if they get a job. I don't even get paid regularly. '

Md. Rabiul Alam has been in Maldives for a long time. In the case of illegal workers, he said, irregularities in the Maldives are paid in the local currency, the rupee. But dollars are needed to send money to the country. Irregulars do not have the opportunity to transact in any bank. They do not even have the opportunity to open a bank account. As a result, they have to collect dollars from the black market. Then it has to be sent through hundi.

Rabiul Alam said that there are also complications in sending money to legal workers. "It costs a lot to send money from the Maldives to the country," he said. Officially, 15 rupees is fixed against 1 dollar. But dollars are not available at this price. It costs 18-20 rupees to send 1 dollar to the country. If there was a Bangladeshi agent here, we would not have this complication. I hope the issue will be discussed during the visit of the Prime Minister. '

The Prime Minister is coming, the exiled Bangladeshi Maldivian expatriates

Babul Hossain has been doing business in Maldives for a long time. He imported various products from Bangladesh through an organization called Dhaka Traders. However, he said business was becoming difficult due to high transport costs.

He said if the cargo service is introduced, the trade of Bangladesh will increase here.

Rear Admiral Nazmul Hasan, Bangladesh's High Commissioner to the Maldives, said the Prime Minister's forthcoming visit would address various issues as well as the problems of expatriates.

He told, "Bilateral issues will be discussed during the visit of the Prime Minister. Regularization of irregular workers will also be discussed. Apart from this, increase in trade and lifting of ban on new workers will also be on the agenda.


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