The UK will issue visas to 10,500 workers

The UK will issue visas to 10,500 workers

With a U-turn from post-Brexit immigration policy, the British government has announced that visas will be issued to 10,500 temporary workers to reduce the shortage of lorry drivers and poultry workers. The country made the announcement on Saturday. The French news agency AFP reported..

The short-term visa process will run from October to the end of December. This initiative is contrary to the decision of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His government tightened post-Brexit immigration policy. He decided to end his dependence on foreign workers.

The last few days in Britain have seen a huge shortage of workers in the driver and some other important sectors. This is hurting the fuel supply and other industries. The country has taken such an initiative to meet this deficit.

The shortage of tanker drivers has recently caused congestion at petrol stations in the UK. People are flocking to the station ignoring the government's call not to panic after the garage was closed due to lack of supplies.

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