Apple arranges iPhone Contactless Payments

The Apple will arrange iphone contactless payments

The Apple will arrange iphone contactless payments

Smaller companies will be able to collect bills directly from the iPhone. No separate hardware is required for this. Such is the future of the iPhone announced by the US software company Bloomberg. It is expected to hit the market in a few months with software updates.

When Apple bought contactless payment startup MobiWave in 2020, the idea of ​contactless payments began.

According to Bloomberg, the next version 15.4 may feature contactless payments. Apple's iOS 15.3 has been released recently. This new version fixes a bug fix instead of a feature update.

According to Bloomberg, it is not yet certain whether MobiWave will eventually come with Apple. In addition, Apple may use its own payment network.

According to Media Verge, MobiWave has previously worked with Samsung on NFC functionality. Samsung's POS-enabled phones could receive payments through contactless cards and NFC services.

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