Which Bangladesh bank has the most advantage to withdraw money from Google AdSense

Bangladesh Bank to Withdraw Google Adsense Earnings

Which Bangladesh bank has the most advantage to withdraw money from Google AdSense?

As we probably all know, if the Google AdSense account has a PIN verification and a bank account connection, the AdSense account will make the payment to the AdSense automatic bank account on the 21st of the following month, at least US $100 per month.

But the problem is that the bank has sent the money to the account, that is, the bank account that you have connected to AdSense for the bank to get your money in hand may be too late. Again some banks transfer the money to the account very quickly after making the payment on the 21st.

At present almost all the banks in Bangladesh are international. So Google AdSense money can be withdrawn through almost all banks. However, in some banks, the benefits of withdrawing AdSense money are much higher.

In that,

  • Dutch-Bangla Bank,
  • Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited,
  • Eastern Bank,
  • City Bank
  • Prime Bank etc.

However, compared to other banks, Dutch Bangla Bank is currently taking a lot of time, it takes at least 7-8 days for the money to reach the account. And in other banks like 3 days. And Dutch Bangla Bank pays 83 rupees 95 paise per dollar.

From that point of view, it takes less time to deposit money in other bank accounts. However, I would suggest you to use Islami Bank.

It must be an account directly from Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited. Because there are seven or eight other banks in the name of Islami Bank. You will open an account directly from Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.

If Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited connects to Google AdSense, the money will be credited to your account within 2-3 business days of payment on the 21st.

How much money does any bank in Bangladesh charge for withdrawing money from Google Adsense?

See Google Adsense does not charge any bank in Bangladesh for withdrawing money. However, all the charges related to your account are different. Such as: - If you use any bank card, the annual charge of that card, etc., etc. But money from Google Adsense will not actually cut any charges.

I hope you understand. If you still have some information, please comment.

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