How Chinese new year Malaysia will be celebrated in 2022

Chinese new year Malaysia

Saj Saj Rob in Malaysia around Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is ringing in everyone's house. There are only two days left now according to the Chinese calendar date. After two days, everyone will celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022 or Chinese Raya festival including general people of Malaysia. That's why every city, shopping mall and house in Malaysia is decorated with colorful Chinese special fabrics.

Although the last two years have been celebrated in a very domestic manner due to the Corona epidemic and government regulations, it is understood that this year's Chinese New Year will be celebrated in a grand manner like the previous years of Corona epidemic.

Chinese new year Malaysia 2022

The Chinese celebrate the first day of the lunar year as the New Year. This festival is called 'Chun Ji'. The Chinese follow their own calendar.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post here. Because this date changes every year! According to the calendar, the Chinese New Year is starting from the 1st of February this year. The Chinese New Year and spring arrive at the same time.

The Chinese New Year Malaysia festivities begin with the celebration of Christmas in the last month of the year, leaving only formalities.

Gradually, the wave of the new year festival spread among the Chinese scattered abroad. In its continuation, the wave is ignited among the three nations (Malay, Tamil, Chinese) and the Malaysian Chinese.

Chinese new year Malaysia food

In other countries, only the Chinese celebrate the new year festival, but in the tourist city of Malaysia, other nations, like the Malaysian Chinese, have a slightly different hope. Because Chinese New Year in Malaysia means so long vacation and very big bonus

In Malaysia, where foreign workers often do not even get a day off on Eid from too because of Chinese owners in Malaysia, most mill owners are Chinese, so the Chinese keep their company closed for about a week or two, even though it is officially a two-day holiday on Chinese New Year.

In some organizations, double bonus is equal to the salary. However, due to the Corona epidemic, the last two years did not bring that opportunity to the fortunes of many Chinese citizens in Malaysia, but this time the restrictions are a bit relaxed and many are optimistic because of the business boom.

Oranges are not seen anywhere in the whole of Malaysia throughout the year, but oranges are imported from different countries.

Because without orange that New Year is useless. Oranges are scattered in Malaysia on Chinese New Year. All the workers working under the Chinese owners in Malaysia and China and all the Chinese suppliers give oranges as gifts to all their customers.

They name the new year after each animal. The names of 12 specific animals are kept in circulation for one year. This year, according to the Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year is coming as the year of the tiger. The all other eleven animals are: rat, bull, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, rooster, pig, dog and bear.

The beauty of Malaysia, the most famous tourist city in Asia, can never be described or written down. If the green land of this beauty is re-arranged with one's own hands, then the whole country is like a dream come true celebrate its together. Right now, the whole of Malaysia seems like a dream come true. Because a few days later, the biggest Chinese festival in Malaysia is 'Chinese New Year' (Gong xi fa cai).

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