In Demand Jobs Available: Canada has new 1 Million Job Vacancies in 2022

In Demand Jobs Available: Canada has new 1 Million Job Vacancies in 2022

In Demand Jobs: Canada has Million Job Vacancies in 2022

1. Which sectors are holding the most vacancies?

  • Health care and social assistance sector,
  • Construction
  • Accommodation and Food Services,
  • Retail Trade
  • Manufacturing

2. Required to apply for JOB in Canada:

With more than 1 million job vacancies in Canada in 2022 earlier this year, this is an important indicator that the economy is recovering from the Covid-19. This is a sign that employers are finding it difficult to find staff due to the increasing recruitment ramp.

Businesses in Canada have entered recruitment mode - for the benefit of potential immigrants who are thinking of moving their dreams here.

1. Which sectors are holding the most vacancies?

Five sectors gave impetus to the growth of job vacancies.

  • Construction

The federal government's number crunchers put it down because of increased economic activity, skills shortages and changes in labor demand. Statistics Canada reports:

"First, such an increase could indicate an increase in economic activity and employment, as employers create new positions to fill.

“Second, the growth of vacancies could signal the imbalance of new or declining structural labor markets, such as the lack of specific skills or available positions and the geographical disparities between workers that may fill them.

"Third, increasing vacancies may be an indication of a change in the willingness of employees to accept the wages, benefits, and conditions associated with a particular job."

  • Health care and social assistance sector

This year, the number of job vacancies (118,200) increased in the first quarter of 2022. In the first quarter, nurse assistants, orderly and patient service associates (24,100) as well as registered nurses and registered mental nurses (22,800) were among the occupations with the highest number of vacancies.

The highest percentage growth was in Quebec (117.4%; 20,100), Saskatchewan (95.0%; 1,200), and British Columbia (87.4%; 8,100).

  • Construction

In the first quarter of this year, British Columbia (5,600) and Toronto (4,100) recorded the largest two-year growth in the Lower Mainland-Southwest Economic Zones. There were more than 80,000 vacancies in the construction sector.

  • Accommodation and Food Services

The sector accounted for one-fourth (24.7%) of the two-year overall vacancy growth. The high level of vacancies in the summer of 2021 was probably due to a number of reasons, including the stuffing challenge associated with the reopening of business in the sector and the normal seasonal pattern, as labor demand in the sector usually peaks in the summer.

  • Retail Trade

There were approximately 122,000 vacancies in the retail sector in the new year. Statistics Canada explains that an increase in job vacancies may indicate an increase in economic activity and that employers may be recruiting as new roles are created.

  • Manufacturing

Meanwhile, there were more than 80,000 vacancies in the manufacturing sector. This is not only a good sign of opportunity, but also great news for foreign workers.

2. Requirements to apply to JOB in Canada:

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