Decreto Flussi 2022: How to get Italian sponsored visa (Quota 69700)

Decreto Flussi 2022: How to get Italian sponsored visa (Quota 69700)

Decreto Flussi 2022 Open Date Program (Quota 69700)

The Italian government is offering 60,000 sponsored visas under "Decreto Flussi 2022" to enter the country by 2022. Bangladeshis will also get that opportunity.

Recently, the Italian Minister of Interior and Transport spoke about the issue in various media. For Decreto Flussi 2022, this fluency or sponsorship visa will be introduced in agriculture, construction, heavy transport, hotel, tourism and productive sectors.

How to get Italian sponsored visa

A total of 60,000 foreign workers will be able to enter Italy in these two categories, temporary and permanent. This time a significant number of Bangladeshis will also get this opportunity. This is what the people of the expatriate Bangladeshi community living in Italy think. Talking about this with some skilled and experienced people living in Italy.

Well known Italian and European writer, columnist, Prothom Alo and Daily Star journalist Palash Rahman thinks that if there was no quota in this year's sponsors, Bangladeshis would have won most of the sponsors. He told Samay Sangbad that the huge investment of ownership in the agricultural sector and the position of Bangladeshis in the number of workers is very strong. However, in the field of hotels and tourism, the position of the people of Bangladesh is the strongest.

Where there are tourists in Italy, there is the position of Bangladeshis. As such, the easiest way for Bangladeshis is to submit a sponsorship application under the tourism sector. There are a few Bangladeshi-owned companies in the construction industry in Italy. However, several thousand people are involved in the construction industry on a permanent or temporary basis, said Palash Rahman. For these reasons, Bangladeshis can easily apply for sponsorship in Italy as compared to the citizens of other rival countries. 

Therefore, the number of Bangladeshis in the final stage of application count becomes much higher. This is usually an additional opportunity for Bangladeshis in various fields. Since the number of applications submitted by Bangladeshis is high, no one should make a big deal with anyone before getting the final sponsor. Journalist Palash Rahman has such an idea.

The country's ministers said the final gazette would be published next week. Residence cards will be available upon entry into the country with the opportunity of a permanent sponsor in Italy. There is no obligation to remain under the previous owner who has submitted the sponsor visa. So for those who are sure that the Italian sponsor will reach the visa level, if they enter Italy after completing any short course from Bangladesh, they think that their qualification for the job will be much higher than usual Ashik Majumder, a trained European tour operator and tourist guide living in Rome.

Ashik Majumder, a son of Comilla with a specially trained degree in hotel-tourism and Europe and world tourism, said that before entering Italy, Italy could easily become a professional by completing short courses in driving, hospitality, nursing, computer and language from Bangladesh. Therefore, Ashiq Majumder thinks that one should enter Italy after receiving training in various fields. Otherwise, he thinks, he will have to face a tough challenge in today's job market.

The total number of Bangladeshis who will be allowed to enter Italy under the new rules will be known after the final gazette is published next week. However, Bangladeshis are likely to get almost three times more opportunities this time than last year. So the Italian expatriate community is urging ordinary people to stay away from middlemen before everything is finalized.

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