New features of Facebook Messenger Desktop

Facebook Messenger Desktop and Mobile New Features Revealed

Facebook Messenger Desktop and Mobile New Features Revealed

This time Facebook Messenger has increased the surveillance for the customers. Recently, Facebook has come up with several new features. Especially for Facebook Messenger Desktop and Mobile, they have introduced end-to-end encryption in chat and call security.

End-to-end encryption means that the two people who have a conversation will not be able to see that information. And from now on, the customer will get notification if anyone takes a screenshot of the desipping message in the end-to-end encrypted messenger chat.

This is a very important security feature that has been around for a limited time for a limited number of users. This time all users will come under this facility.

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In addition, the message reaction feature is also being released. This option of Messenger can be used to respond to messages with emojis.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said that end-to-end encryption would be effective for personal chats as well as group chats, group audio or video calls on Faceboo Messenger Desktop. The new feature was introduced to ensure privacy.

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