Fake fraud in Bangladesh with UK Care Visa in 2022

Fake Fraud in Bangladesh with UK (United Kingdom) Care Visa in 2022

 Fraud in Bangladesh with UK (United Kingdom) Care Visa in 2022

Fraud has started with the potential care visa announced in the UK! About 18 to 20 lakh rupees is being negotiated for this visa. The fraudulent cycle has become active.

In the case of Bangladesh, the situation has become like jumping without understanding the reality of this visa. People from the Bangladeshi community in Britain want to take this opportunity to bring their relatives after the news spread that there is a wonderful opportunity to come to Britain for only 264 pounds.

Apasen is one of the top Bangladeshi care organizations in Britain. In this regard, Apasen says, the reality of this visa is different.

Mahmoud Hassan, chief executive of Apaseen MBE, said Apaseen would not bring people on this visa at this time. This is because the reality of this visa is completely different! The salary that will be paid by bringing people from Bangladesh will be more than the local staff.

Then bringing a non-skilled staff from Bangladesh and paying them a full salary and making them suitable to work in the UK with 6 to 8 months training is not a real agreement for the care organization. At the same time, most of the people who need to be cared for are people in the risky category. It is not possible to take care of them suddenly from Bangladesh or from outside Europe.

Tareq Chowdhury, principal barrister at Kingdom Solicitor, said there was a need to be vigilant about health and care worker visa fraud.

Stay away from such bogus news that you can come to the bill with only 264 pounds. No one can come to this visa in person without a sponsorship license. It is a complex process. Don't believe all videos. Some people are spreading a lot of information to increase the view of the video and without knowing any lawyer.

Please be careful. Those who sell work permits are not lawyers, they are brokers. Beware of brokers.

Meanwhile, since the announcement of this visa, it has been heard in the name of a care organization of the Bangladeshi community that they are thinking of bringing people by charging 16-17 lakh rupees.

Apasen CEO Mahmud Hasan MBE said, this transaction is illegal! This is the beginning of deception. It is not right to buy a visa with money. If a Care Organization Sponsorship License is valid, then the person who will come will have no problem if he has the skills! But if there is a money transaction in the middle, then it is just fraud.

He said the home office should review the reality of this visa. We will write to the Home Secretary from Apasen about this visa issue and the reality.

"We are focusing on the skills of the local residents," he said. Many people now want to change their profession and come to care profession. We are focusing on skills for them.

Source: Banglatribune

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