Google and Facebook are facing fines in France 2022

Google and Facebook are facing fines in France 2022

Giant Google and Facebook are facing fines in France; Google fined 96 million dollar recently while Facebook first time in 2022

French market watchdog has imposed fines on Google and Facebook. In all, both companies have been fined 21 crore Euros.

Google and Facebook have further complicated the process of denying cookies or online trackers to users, according to a complaint by CNIL, a French data privacy watchdog, against the top two companies in the technology industry.

The European Union (EU) data privacy policy places special emphasis on obtaining user permission to use cookies. The issue is also getting importance to CNIL.

The watchdog said it would make it easier for users to reject cookies. Failure to comply with the observer's instructions within three months will result in a fine of up to 100,000 euros per day.

Simply put, cookies are small data packets that allow web browsers to store data and provide information to show users 'targeted ads'.

"When you accept a cookie, it becomes a click. Rejection should be done with a single click, "said Karin Kaifer, CNIL's head of data security.

In an official statement, CNIL alleges that while the two tech giants had virtual buttons for instant one-click cookie acceptance, they did not have any similar buttons for easy rejection.

Google has been fined 150 million euros between the two companies. "People believe in our right to privacy and to keep them safe," the organization said in a statement. We understand that it is our responsibility to uphold that belief and promise more change. In light of this decision, we will continue to work with CNIL. "

And Facebook has been fined 60 million euros. "Our cookie recognition control system gives people more control over their own data," says Meta, a leading social media company. It also has new settings menus for Facebook and Instagram where people can change their decision at any time. We will continue to work on these issues. ”

Cookies are the main source of revenue for Google and Facebook, according to the BBC. By using cookies, companies display ads based on users' personal information. However, privacy activists have long opposed the use of cookies.

In 2016, the UK passed a new law on personal data. Technology service providers obtain the user's direct permission before installing cookies on the user's computer; There are many more restrictions.

In such a situation, Google has been fined more than once for violating European laws. The search giant was also the victim of CNIL's record কোটি 100 million fine in 2020.

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