Google Gboard Keyboard Bangla App: The Rules of using Gboard

Google Keyboard: How to use Google Keyboard - Rules of using Gboard

Google's keyboard (Gboard), is a hugely popular keyboard app for smartphones. This keyboard app is so full of features that most of the features of the app are not used by many. 

Let's find out more about Google's keyboard app, the rules for using the Google keyboard (GBOARD) in this post you will know: 

1. Keyboard features
2. Keyboard setup rules 
3. Bangla typing using keyboard 
4. Keyboard usage rules.

1. Keyboard features 

Before learning the keyboard usage rules, let's take a look at the key features of Gboard: 

  • Slide TypingTyping can be done by sliding with one hand 
  • Voice TypingCan be typed through voice. 
  • Freehand Writing: Characters, words, sentences, and even entire text can be typed by drawing.
  • Google searchGoogle search can be done directly from the keyboard.
  • Emoji & Gif: Emoji menu with built-in search and emoticons.
  • One-handed typing: The keyboard can be typed with one hand by moving to the right or left side.
  • Multiple LanguagesAlmost all types of language typing as well as in-built translation feature.
  • Custom themesKeyboard themes can be customized.

2. Keyboard setup

There are different rules for keyboard setup on Android and iOS devices. Let's know the basic rules for setting up Gboard on Android and iPhone.


On some Android devices, the keyboard is installed as the default keyboard. If you do not have Gboard on your Android phone, you can download Gboard from Google Play Store. Tap to install keyboard.

After installing Gboard on Android phone, it can be set up quite easily. To setup after installing Gboard on Android:

  • Open the Gboard app and tap the ENABLE IN SETTINGS button.
  • Then the settings screen will be shown, turn on the toggle next to Gboard and tap OK.
  • Tap on Select Input Method, 
  • Select the keyboard. 
  • Complete the setup by tapping. 
  • Then go to Languages ​​option from Gboard Settings and select Bangla (Bangladesh), abc → Bangla so that you can write Bangla with itIOS


There is a Gboard app for iOS 9 or later iOS powered devices. You can download the Gboard app for iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store by clicking on the link below. Tap to install keyboard.

To set up keyboard on iPhone or iPad:

  • Enter the device settings,
  • Tap on General, 
  • Tap on keyboards,
  • Select Add New Keyboard, 
  • Select the keyboard from the list of third-party keyboards.
  • Full access is required for keyboard to work well, Allow.
  • Then go to Languages ​​option from Gboard Settings and select Bangla (Bangladesh, Transliteration or QWERTY) so that you can write Bangla with it.

3. Bangla typing using keyboard

Bangla typing can be done using keyboard both phonetic and direct press and type, both ways. 

To add Bangla as typing language in Gboard:

  • Enter keyboard settings,
  • Tap on Languages,
  • Tap on Add Keyboard,
  • Bangla (Bangladesh) / Bangla (India) Choose one of these two,
  • Then select the typing layout of your choice,
  • Save the settings by tapping done,

On Android devices, tapping and holding the spacebar will give you the option to change the typing language. Typing languages ​​can be selected by holding and holding the Globe key on iOS powered devices.

4. Keyboard usage rules

We already know that the keyboard is full of features. Let us know about the essential features of using keyboard which will come in handy for typing in daily phone usage.


Keyboard Gboard keyboard settings can be quickly accessed by tapping on the settings icon in the top row of the keyboard. You can also access the keyboard row settings by entering the language and input section from the phone's settings. 

You can also enter the keyboard settings by entering the language and input or directly Gboard by entering the phone settings.

Number row

If you turn on the number row feature on the keyboard, the number will always be displayed on the keyboard. To turn on this feature:

  • Enter keyboard settings, 
  • Tap on Preference, 
  • Turn on the “Number row” feature.
Number Row

Emoji shortcut

If you're an emoji lover, you can add an emoji key to the bottom row of the keyboard for quick access to the emoji. Enter the Preferences from the keyboard settings and turn on the "Show emoji switch key" feature to add an emoji key to the bottom of the keyboard.

Emoji shortcut


Gboard can be used in three modes in total. The keyboard has three modes:

  • Regular: Normal full screen mode keyboard,
  • Floating: can be dragged to any position on the screen,
  • One-handed: Shrink to one side of the keyboard screen to facilitate one-handed typing.

To switch to floating mode or one-handed mode, click on the icon in the top row of the keyboard. You will also get the option to turn on or off the Floating or One Handed Mode feature from Preferences by entering the keyboard settings. To return from floating or one-handed mode to regular mode, tap the expand icon.

Keyboard resize

If the keyboard keyboard doesn't fit your phone's screen properly, you can easily resize it. The keyboard can be resized by entering the Preferences option of Settings from the Keyboard height settings displayed.

Keyboard (Gboard Resize)

Sound and vibration

There is an opportunity to customize typing sound and haptic feedback on the keyboard keyboard. By entering the settings from the preferences “Sound on keypress” and “Haptic feedback on keypress” two options can be used to turn on or off typing sound and haptic feedback respectively. You can also control the volume and vibration of typing sound.

Personal Dictionary

One of the best features of the keyboard is the "Personal Dictionary" feature. Shortcuts to specific words or sentences can be saved using this feature. By entering the keyboard settings, you can add a personal dictionary entry in the Personal Dictionary section from the Dictionary menu.

Gboard Shortcuts Add


The last thing copied to the phone is the natively saved, but the previously copied text is deleted. Images or text can be saved using the keyboard's clipboard feature. You can see the saved text or picture in the keyboard's clipboard option. The Clipboard feature can be activated by entering the keyboard settings and tapping Clipboard.

The keyboard's clipboard contains newly copied text or images as well as screenshots and Translation keyboard's clipboard feature can come in handy for saving important information, such as addresses or phone numbers.


The keyboard app has the benefit of Google Translate directly on the keyboard keyboard. Google Translate supported can be translated into any language instantly by tapping the translate icon on the top bar of the keyboard.

Gboard Translation

Custom theme

Numerous themes can be applied to the keyboard through one tap. There is also the advantage of customizing your own keyboard. For example, there are features like changing the background color of the keyboard or putting your own picture in the background of the keyboard.

To set a custom theme, enter the keyboard settings and tap on Theme. Then design the keyboard theme of your choice by tapping on the correction

Auto correction

If you want auto correction you can use it or you can keep it on and off. There is also the option to undo auto-corrected text by pressing the backspace key. Enter the keyboard settings and you will see all the settings related to auto correction in the Text Correction section.

Do you use Gboard? If you use Google Keyboard, tell us about your experience using Gboard in the comments section.

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