Google's Top 5 Services in 2022

Google's Top 5 Services in 2022

Google's Top 5 Services in 2022 You Should Know

Google is providing almost everything that people need in their daily lives, from doing a few searches on the Internet to sending videos to YouTube, Mail, Gmail, and even the smartphone operating system Android.

In addition to Google search, Google has 281 more services like Google Maps, Google Play Store, Google Gmail, Google Dockers. Users may not know about most of these services. So I will give some unknown information in today's article.

1. Google Shopping 

Google Shopping is number 1 in Google services. Although e-commerce or online shopping is one of the most popular means in the world, consumers have to visit different websites to buy products at affordable prices. Which is quite a time consuming task. There is a free platform called Google Shopping to make it easier for customers to shop online. Google Shopping offers a variety of product searches for customers by comparing products and purchasing products directly from the seller's website. When a product is searched in Google Shopping, the results are shown based on the customer's past activity information and preferences. This makes it easier to find the product of the customer's choice at a lower cost. Google Shopping is a great platform for online retailers to promote their products. Because by using Gul's ad feature they can increase their sales by promoting the product to their target customers. And this platform gives their retailers the opportunity to list products for free. Although each product deducts a certain dividend at the time of sale.

2. Google Podcast

Google Podcast ranks 2nd in Google services. Nowadays, podcasts have become a very popular medium for entertainment, ranging from discussions on various topics. Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts as well as the world's most popular podcasts, as well as Google Podcasts, Google has its own podcast. Using the platform, users can listen to all kinds of audio content for free, from interviews of celebrities of their choice, to songs. In addition, various big brands can reach their target users by telling stories using Google Podcasts. Users can create their own audio library in the Google Podcast app. In addition, the audio categories are already ready so users can choose the content of their choice. The Google Podcast app is available on both their Android and iPhone platforms. According to Android Police, about 100 million people have installed this app by the end of 2021.

3. Google Garage 

Google Garage is number 3 in Google services. Google's digital garage platform is essentially an online educational platform that offers users courses such as digital marketing, career development, and coaching and machine learning. Using this platform, students and businessmen can write about digital marketing strategies through video tutorials and live training. At present there are about 100 free and paid courses in the physical garage. Which has been created in unison with the world's largest employer industry expert entrepreneurs. The platform gives users the option to design lessons to their liking. At the end of each lesson, users have to take a test on that lane. Through it, Google users' progress track. Can Users of smartphones and tablets will be able to acquire the basics of digital marketing as well as certification from Google and IAB Europe if they wish.

4. Google Servey

Google Services ranks 4th among Google services. Google Surveys is Google's own business product, used by Google for business research. The platform primarily surveys Internet and smartphone users. Using the platform, marketers can learn about consumer behavior and market trends through online surveys, mainly through targeted demographics. This allows users to design survey questions through their multiple choice and star ratings on this platform to help them make the necessary decisions for their business. According to Google Research, this online panel has 10 million unique users per day and the mobile panel has 4 million unique users per day using Google Survey.

5. Flutter

Flutter ranks 4th in Google services. Flutter is basically a free open source software development kit from Google. Using the app can create a very easy and preferred user interface for all operating systems starting from Android to iOS, Linux, and Mac. This kit has a number of widgets that designers can easily create layouts for their S by arranging them next to each other in gaming. Users can also create custom widgets as needed and mark them with exciting widgets. If you do not know the coding language like JavaScript, using this app, designers can easily and in a short time create games of their choice.

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