How to watch ads free videos on Youtube

How to watch ad free videos on youtube in 2022

How to watch ads free videos on Youtube in 2022

The popular video sharing app YouTube is now used by everyone. Especially entertainment and income is one of the platforms. Millions of people are regularly earning thousands of dollars from this platform.

YouTube is the first choice of the crowd of various apps to watch educational videos from entertainment. Though, it is difficult for Ad to watch continuous videos. Which is also very annoying.

However, you can truly watch videos without ads on YouTube. Now I will show you how to find out and do it easily in 3 simple steps:

  • First of all go to YouTube.
  • Then just select the video that you want to play.
  • Now after typing in the URL of the video, add a dot (.). For example, if the URL of your YouTube video is, then if you use this URL then no more ads will be seen in the video.

YouTube really does not normalize the hostname if you use a single dot in the URL. In that case the hostname does not match, the page reaches the viewer in multiple parts.

As a result, no ads or cookies are added. If you want to watch videos without ads from mobile in this way, you have to open the link from the browser and select the 'Request Desktop Site' option.

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