The iPhone 13 does not have a noise cancellation feature

No noise cancellation Feature in Iphone 13, why

No Noise cancellation Feature in Iphone 13, why

If you can reduce the background noise while talking on the phone, people on both sides of the phone can continue talking comfortably. This is because the microphone of the phone holds the surrounding sound very loudly in addition to the conversation, which is quite annoying for the other person.

As a result, Apple has built-in noise cancellation feature to keep the sound quality in the conversation. This is an accessibility feature that is found in most iPhones. But sad but true, the new iPhone 13 does not have this feature.

Many people think that this is a problem of hardware.

However, Uber Gizmo reports that this could be a bug that Apple has not been able to resolve. Buyers have complained to Apple Support about the issue, but the company could not say when.

According to the media, the problem that has been going on since last October has not been solved so far. But Apple will solve it soon.

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