Job opportunities in Japan, Airfare Required

Japan opens new door for IT professionals

Japan opens new door for IT professionals

A program conducted under the supervision of Bangladesh Computer Council has given the opportunity to young people to go to Japan free of cost with information technology training.

Anyone with a bachelor's degree in ICT can travel to Japan free of charge. A significant number of students are going to Japan every year for jobs under the Bangladesh-Japan ICT Engineers Training Program (B-JET). Notification has been issued for admission of students under this program in the new year. You can apply online till January 31.

Things to know about the program:

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) and Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) jointly launched B-Jet in 2016. The program is being run under the ‘IT Engineers Skills Development Project to suit the Japanese IT sector’. The project director said. Golam Sarwar told reporters that JICA has funded up to the eighth batch of the program. Currently being funded by Miyazaki University in Japan. North South University and Miyazaki University are implementing this program from ninth and tenth batch. The entire program is overseen by the BCC.

Eligibility to apply:

According to the new student admission notification, new students who have graduated in Computer Science and Engineering, IT or ICT can apply. Two years or more of work experience in programming, software development, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be preferred. Must have strong interest in learning Japanese. You need to have internet connection with computer or laptop to take classes online. Must have the mentality to work in Japan at the end of training.

Admission Process:

Shortlists are made after receiving applications from students. Then written test will be taken. The test asks questions about the basics of information technology. Passed the written test and was selected for training. Students are admitted twice a year. 40 people are trained in one batch and 60 people are trained every year.


There are 18 young people in Japan with jobs up to the eighth batch of training. Which is 60 percent. Those who did not go to Japan, they are working in Bangladesh with good salary in various Japanese companies. The corporate culture of Japan is well taught in the training, so it is possible to gain knowledge about the work environment in Japan before going to Japan. Students will be able to communicate in Japanese at the end of the training. In addition, a certificate from Miyazaki University in Japan.

Engineer Md. Golam Sarwar said the students were helped to get jobs in Japan after successfully completing the training. Before the coronavirus epidemic, representatives of various Japanese IT companies used to come to Bangladesh and directly take viva of these students. They are currently taking online oral exams due to Corona. If you pass the oral exam, you have the opportunity to go to Japan with a job under a Japanese company. In this case the airfare is also borne by the Japanese company.

Subjects trained:

In addition to information technology subjects, training was given on Japanese language and corporate culture in Japan. Japanese language is taught up to N-4 level. They are also taught how to communicate in a job viva with officials of Japanese IT companies. There is also training on how to apply for a job online in Japan. Duration of training is 22 weeks. Classes are taken from Monday to Friday. Classes will now be taken online due to coronavirus.Physical training will be given if the incidence of corona decreases.

How to apply:

Application has already started for admission in 10th batch. Applications can be submitted till January 31. You have to apply online through this link

Details can be found on this Facebook page (
The 10th batch class will start on April 4, the training will end in September.

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