The Perfect Resume Writing Technique for Job Seeker in 2022

The perfect CV writing technique for jobs in 2022

Perfect Resume Writing Technique for job seeker in 2022

Resume / CV is a reflection of the job seeker. The first introduction of the job seeker to the employer is through CV. So the better the Resume, the better chances to get hired for a job. Many people think that it is better to have a big and heavy Resume; But this idea is wrong. Rather, in the CV, one has to present oneself in an attractive way in a few words. A recent survey found that employers spend less than a minute looking at a CV. According to British Human Resources (HR) experts David D'Souza and Ruth Cornish, a candidate is not called for an interview after seeing his Resume for three reasons.

The three reasons are the usual Resume, misspellings and false information. So take the time to create your own Resume properly. Here are some suggestions on how to write a perfect, beautiful and attractive Resume based on the British daily The Guardian and CV Library.

Name and contact address

The Resume should have your name and contact address at the beginning. It is not appropriate to title with 'Curriculum Vita' or 'CV'. Your own name can be used as a title. The contact address must be clearly written. It is mandatory to provide e-mail address and mobile number. It is better to add the link of LinkedIn profile in this part. However, the information on the LinkedIn profile should be kept up to date.


You need to use recently taken bright pictures. Casual CVs used on Facebook or other social media are by no means acceptable. Photo must be passport size.

Personal profile

One of the most important part of your Resume is personal profile. Your career goals and what you can give to the organization should be written in a few lines. Make sure your personal statements are concise and interesting. It is not advisable to spend more than two or three sentences.

Professional experience

Provide details of your previous job, internship and work experience. Write down where you worked. If you have just passed graduation, give details of where you have done internship. If you have work experience, write down the last place where you have worked and write the names of the rest of the organization in phases. Enter the name of the organization, your job description and your achievements. Mention how many days you have worked in an organization.


In the case of writing educational qualifications as part of professional experience, you have to write the name of the institution from the institution from which you have the latest degree to the secondary examination in order. It is mandatory to mention the year of passing and GPA next to the institution. If you do not get the result of the test, you can write 'Apiard'.

Training and workshops

This part is especially important for those who have just graduated from university. Because, they have no previous job experience. Anyone who can add more graduate training and workshop information to the CV will be far ahead of the rest. When writing trainings and workshops, the subject, date and place should be mentioned.

Interesting hobby

I go out, enjoy nature - refrain from adding such hobbies. Because, when you say these things, it doesn't reveal what kind of person you are. Instead, write down some hobbies that show your devotion and concentration. Any group event can be a good hobby.

Language skills

Must know Bengali and English for job in the country. If you have done any standard Bangla language learning course, you can mention it. And in case of English language proficiency, if you take part in IELTS, TOEFL and PTE exams, write its score. Also mention if you know any other language.

Computer skills

Computer skills are now required for almost all jobs. Knowing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is generally considered mandatory. In addition, if you know Photoshop or video editing, you can mention. Mention the year and date if you have taken training in this regard.


The name of the person of any profession known to the candidate may be given as reference. However, new graduates can give their university teachers as a reference. Whoever will give the reference, must take his permission. Mention his name, phone number, e-mail and the name of his organization.


False or incorrect information cannot be given in Resume under any circumstances. As mentioned in the pledge, all your information is correct and accurate. Your signature must be below the text.

Special care must be taken

Font usage: 

You can use Times New Roman, Ariel or Verdana fonts. Font size cannot be less than 11. Occasionally use the bold and header options. However, black color must be used.


You need to make sure that the experiences you share in the Resume are relevant to the job you are applying for. Look at the job description in the recruitment notice and see how they fit in with your experience. Then be sure to send the Resume.

Avoid adjectives

Diligent, attentive, enthusiastic এ avoid such adjectives. Use some meaningful words instead. Such as accountability, goals and achievement.

Keep it short

Keep your Resume short, but don't let the experience get you down. The usual rule is to complete the CV in two pages. The type of job you are applying for may increase. However, employers are usually happy to see a two-page Resume.

Be accurate

Employers will judge you for mistakes. This could be a spelling mistake, a Resume structure, or a punctuation mark. So be careful while writing Resume. Use the automatic correction option when typing on the computer. After creating a CV, read it with another person to avoid mistakes.

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