Student Becomes Millionaire in Five Days Selling SELFIE

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghojali is Millionaire Selling SELFIE in just 5 days from Indonesia

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghojali is Millionaire Selling SELFIE in just 5 days from Indonesia

Having a smartphone in hand means capturing a special moment on camera. Which is known as selfie. The tendency to take too many selfies has put many in danger. Such news is heard occasionally. However, there is an exception. Young Sultan Gustaf Al Ghojali, a resident of Java, Indonesia, has become a millionaire by taking selfies.

It is learned that 22-year-old Ghojali is now viral due to taking selfie. He has taken one selfie every day for the last five years. He used to wake up every morning and take selfies to see himself before making videos. But he did not know that this hobby would one day make him a millionaire. Five years later, his selfies are now being sold for millions of rupees. After converting the selfies into NFTs, he sold them and became a millionaire.

Student becomes Millionaire Selling SELFIE on NFT

Ghojali said that from 2016 to 2021, he used to sit in front of his computer and take pictures of her every day. Ghojali started selling her selfies on January 9 this year. He became a millionaire by selling selfies in just five days.

According to reports, Ghojali set the price of each of his 1,000 images at only 0.0000001 cryptocurrency ether (three dollars). But suddenly his picture caught everyone's attention. Then the price of his picture skyrocketed.

Ghojali himself said, "I can't believe that people are buying my pictures at such a high price." At first I thought it would be fun for a collector to collect my selfies. Even then I never thought anyone would want to buy my selfies, so I keep them for only three dollars. But after the demand increased the next day, the price of 0.248 ether (৬ 606) was available from each selfie.

In just five days, more than four hundred people bought ownership of his expressionless photo. According to the latest report, Ghojali's total income from selfies has exceeded ১০ 1 million.

But Ghojali said, "To be honest, I still haven't got the courage to tell my parents." They wonder where I got the money from.

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