The most expensive fruit in the world in 2022

The most expensive fruit in the world

What are the most expensive fruits in the world, Where and why we think?

The most expensive fruit in the world. You may be shocked to read the headline. The facts are true. One such delicious fruit is found in Japan. Whose name is Ubari Melon (Watermelon). This Ubari Melon fruit is not very beautiful to see, but the price is more than expected Gold.

The fruit looks a lot like a watermelon from the outside, close to an orange in taste, and a little like a sweet pumpkin on the inside. This is the most expensive fruit in the world. 

It is known that the price of one kg of Ubari watermelon can be up to 20 lakh rupees. The fruit is sold in Japan and is bought only by the top echelons of society. Because its price actually is beyond the reach of the common man.

The fruit is not easily obtained. A very few special class of people sells ubari melon. The very suitable environment for fruit cultivation in volcanic soil and excess rainfall. Luxurious foods and beverages such as bourbon, champagne or kobe beef are cultivated in the Uber region in a special environment.

This fruit takes 100 days to grow. In 2019, a pair of Ubari Melon was sold for around Rs 32 lakh. This is one of the most expensive fruit in Japan. There are a number of other fruits and vegetables available which are priced above Lakh Rupees.

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