Top 8 mobile apps that will top revenue in 2022

Top 8 mobile apps that will top revenue in 2021

 Top 8 mobile apps that will top revenue in 2021

In the year 2021, consumers spent about ৩ 133 billion on various apps worldwide, which surpassed the 111.1 billion earned by the apps in 2020. The survey company Censor Tower has released a list of the highest earning apps this year. At the top of the list is the Chinese app TikTok.


The short video-based app allows users to create videos on a variety of topics, including stunts, dances, jokes and more. Users can create videos from 15 seconds to three minutes long in the app.


An online video streaming app. The platform has videos from different sections. Users can subscribe to their favorite channels and download videos to watch offline.


It is an online dating app with users from more than 190 countries. The app helps you find your potential ideal partner.


A Japanese comedy app. The app can be used on both smartphone and tablet devices through subscription. Users are allowed to purchase individual sections and access some for free. Many Korean tunes are also available on the platform.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a video streaming app that lets users watch live sports, TV shows and movies.

Google One

This app offers more storage than usual on Google. Users can manage their storage plugins, which cover original quality photos and videos in Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Users can choose from the various storage plugins offered by the app.

Tencent video

The app offers original content and popular shows. It offers you a select list of top-hit shows, which you can stream online.

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