YouTube is retreating from content production

YouTube is retreating from content production

YouTube is retreating from content production

YouTube is going to curb the money spent on creating its own content. In the future, the top video sharing platform will fund only Black Voices and YouTube Kids Fund events.

Content known as 'YouTube Originals' included YouTube series, educational videos, songs and various events featuring celebrities. Robert Kinsell, YouTube's chief commercial officer, recently tweeted about the change.

In the coming days, YouTube will only build content under the 'YouTube Kids Fund' and 'Black Voices Fund'. In 2020, YouTube promised to raise 100 million under the project to increase the popularity of black producers.

Kinsel's Twitter statement said, "With the rapid expansion, new opportunities are being created and now our investments in other initiatives such as the Creator Shorts Fund and the Black Voices Fund will have a greater impact on a growing number of manufacturers."

Although YouTube has been in the production arena for six years, the platform has not been able to create any significant programs. YouTube Originals was started in 2016 under the leadership of Susan Daniels. The platform has changed its strategy at different times to ensure market position, even though it has made a few movies and ‘scripted shows’ with content creators at the center.

In 2016, YouTube said that ‘Subscription Only’ received 25 crore views from YouTube Originals. The platform later started leaning towards ad-supported celebrity content. The content was also made available to unsubscribed viewers.

As well as stepping down from YouTube production, it has also been announced that Daniels will be leaving YouTube in March. Technology site Verge says he also agreed with the decision to reduce content production.   

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