Disconnected Game: Created by antivirus maker Kaspersky

Disconnected Game: Created by antivirus maker Kaspersky

The game was created by antivirus maker Kaspersky

Kaspersky develops antivirus software to prevent viruses on computers, laptops and mobile phones. The company, which works with cyber security around the world, has come up with a game for mobile phones.

Surprising to hear, Kaspersky did not create the game for entertainment. The story of the game called "Disconnected" is about the future life. The game has been created to inform everyone about the way to be aware of cyber attacks. 

You will see a virtual assistant at the beginning of the game. That will make your life easier indoors or out. With different devices connected to each other on the internet at home or outside, you can easily use them. But the steps to be taken to stay safe online are highlighted in different episodes in this one hour game.

The game was originally created to teach office workers how to stay safe online. You have to answer different questions to raise awareness about cyber security in different stages of the game. Various suggestions will also be sought. Each episode will go to the next episode with the correct answer.

The game, which runs on Android and iOS operating systems, is currently open to various organizations. The company may offer the opportunity to play the game on an individual level in the coming days.

Source: Times of India

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