Google Profit Margin Doubled by 2021: Alphabet

Google Profit Margin Doubled by 2021: Alphabet

Google has doubled its profits margin in one year, Says "Alphabet"

Top technology company Google's revenue has risen amid fines, investigations and criticism across the country for monitoring users. Last Tuesday, Google's parent company Alphabet announced its latest quarterly profit margin. It shows that the company has almost doubled its profit in 2021, exceeding expectations.

According to Alphabet, they were making a total profit of 40 billion in 2020. And in the last quarter of 2021, the company's profit has increased by 32 percent. Alphabet ended the year with a total profit of 6 billion. That means they have made almost double the profit than the previous year.

The number of jobs such as online shopping, employment and training has increased significantly during the epidemic. Technology companies like Google, Amazon or Facebook have benefited from this online trend.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai attributed the success to the expansion of the advertising business and the sale of Pixel phones. Google has generated more than 61 billion in advertising revenue, most of it from ads displayed on various online search and video platforms. Apart from this, significant profits have also come from Pixel phones.

Sundar Pichai added, "Although the supply was disrupted due to Corona, we set a record by selling Pixel phones in the last quarter of the year." The highest sales ever.

Google's dominance online has reached new heights during the epidemic. Other top technology companies are doing well. But they have fallen into the trap of regulators around the world. Earlier this year, France imposed huge fines on Google and Facebook over security issues. The total amount of the fine is 21 crore Euros. The two companies used cookies to monitor various information of internet users. That is why they have to face fines.

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