Google's "Google One VPN iOS" (iPhone)

Google One VPN iOS

"Google One VPN iOS" in iPhone

Google's own VPN service has finally been added to the iPhone. Google had promised to bring the VPN service to the iOS platform, which is part of the Google One Premium subscription, more than almost a year ago.

Google's VPN service from iOS devices has been used before as part of the Google Fire Cell service. However, the new update means that all IOS. However, the new update means that all iOS device users who use the 'Google One' storage service for a lump sum can now use Google's VPN directly as part of that service.

Citizens of 16 countries of the world get this VPN service from Google. For those iPhone users who rely on Google's services than Apple's own, the VPN service is a positive addition, says tech site Verge.

In October 2020, Google promised to bring VPN service to iOS device users. However, as a part of the VPN service, users will not be able to use the IP address of any other country, Verge said.

Other VPN services in the market use the IP addresses of different countries to promote the facility of viewing content of different countries in different streaming services by advertising messages. However, Apple or Google not going to follow the same path, the site said.

In a blog post, Google also announced, it will add a new feature to the VPN service for Android users. Added 'Safe Disconnect' feature. If the Google One VPN disconnects, the feature will disconnect the direct internet connection. In addition, if you use Google's Google One VPN service on Android, users will be able to bypass certain VPN apps.

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