How to find a lost Cell Phone in 2022

How to find a lost Cell Phone by 2022

Learn here how to find a lost cell phone by 2022

Don't panic if you lose your cell phone. It is very easy to find. Even if Android and iPhone are lost or stolen, there are multiple ways to find them. However, for that you need to have your lost phone on. However, it is possible to find a lost cell phone even if it is switched off. Although the process of finding that phone is complicated. But, you can do it if you want. If the smartphone is switched off even after it is lost or stolen, find out how to find it.

How to find a lost iPhone

My iPhone is the best tool to find a lost iPhone. Find My iPhone tool can be used from iCloud website. There, sign in using your Apple account and select the All Device option. Now select your lost phone. This tool will then show you where your lost phone is on a map. This way the lost iPhone can be found very easily.

How To Find A Lost Android Phone

It is possible to find a lost Android device using Android Device Manager. Open the Find My Device website by opening the browser on any smartphone or computer. Then log in using your Google Account. If you have more than one Android device, select only the lost device. Now you will see the location of your phone on a map.

As soon as you see the location of the phone around you, select the play sound option. If you select this option, your lost smartphone will continue to ring for 5 minutes continuously. Even if the phone is in select or do not disturb mode, the phone will continue to ring with this option.

How to lock a lost phone

All smartphones contain a lot of important and personal information. So, if your phone is not locked, it is possible to lock it to keep it safe even after the phone is lost. Find the option to lock the phone from Find My Device, which will help keep your banking app and other social apps secure.

How to lock a lost iPhone

Open the Find My iPhone website. Log in using your Apple account. Now click on the Device menu at the top of the screen. Then select the lost iPhone. Now select Lost Mode. Then choose a contact number. Now click on the next option. If you want to send a message after that, type it and send it. At the end of all right click on the option.

Also, it is possible to lock a lost Android phone using the Find My Device tool. Lost phone can be protected with password or PIN. Also, find out how.

Open the Find My Device website. Now log in to the account that was logged in using the Google account on the lost phone. Select your lost phone from the menu above. Now click on the Secure Device option. After that, if you want to send a message on the phone, type it. At the end of all, select Secure Device.

This is the best way how to find a lost cell phone, android or iphone by 2022. Thanks for read. If you like this post leave a comment.

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