Jobs for foreigners in Malaysia: More than 7 thousand Application for Palm Garden

Jobs for foreigners in Malaysia 2022

Recruiters have applied for 7,500 jobs in the palm garden sector in Malaysia. According to a source in the Ministry of Human Resources of Bangladesh, 8,500 applications were received from January 26 to February 4. 

It was announced on January 15 to apply online. The application for the recruitment of 32,000 foreign workers in the plantation sector with special discounts started from January 26.

Malaysia's Minister of Human Resources M. Saravanan said some of these applications would be rejected because some employers were not eligible to apply. 

They are basically private companies. The application form has to be filled by the employer. The non-government organizations will not be able to apply for hiring foreign workers, the minister said in a statement on Saturday. Saravanan said the ministry has also received applications from employers in other sectors besides the plantation sector. These applications are submitted by the employers after announcing the date of application. 

Meanwhile, Malaysia has started approving employers' demand forms or original visas to hire foreign workers. The country on Thursday (February 3rd) renewed 3,000 original visas. 

Earlier in 2018, after the issuance of several visas in Bangladesh, the labor market was closed and the movement of their workers was suspended. Later those original visas expire. Now the Malaysian government is issuing new expired visas. This information has been confirmed by the Ministry of Human Resources of the country.

On the other hand, the application for new staff has started from January 26. The country's employers are appealing to the government to hire foreign workers in the plantation sector. The new application will be screened and approved soon. In addition, from 15 February, employers will be able to apply for the recruitment of foreign workers for other sectors.

Meanwhile, Malaysia is also approving the previous visas. Most of the expired visas are from manufacturing sector. Three thousand visas were approved on the first day by two recruiting agencies in Bangladesh. 

Meanwhile, Bangladesh has so far failed to finalize technical issues to send workers to Malaysia. Even the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment has not yet decided how much workers will have to spend to travel to the country or how much immigration will cost.

On December 19 last year, Bangladesh signed a memorandum of understanding on labor market with Malaysia. According to the memorandum of understanding, the employer will bear all the expenses of the Malaysian part including the airfare for hiring the workers. And the staff will bear the incidental expenses including passport, medical, welfare board member fee in Bangladesh.

With that comes the service charge of the recruiting agency. The Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment said after the signing of the agreement that a possible cost would be determined in Bangladesh. It was informed at the press conference on December 21 that other methods including cost determination will be officially announced soon. But the ministry has not yet made any announcement in this regard.

Manpower Employment and Training Bureau-BMET is responsible for all technical aspects of sending workers abroad. Shahidul Alam, director general of the company, said that the expatriate welfare minister has always said that the labor market of Malaysia will be opened with utmost importance on the interests of the workers. After many attempts, the Malaysian labor market has opened accordingly.

This is a great achievement of the ministry and the government. In order to sustain this success, the decision to send workers to the country has been made with great forethought. Every branch of the ministry is working sincerely in this regard. It is hoped that the Minister will soon announce a decision on the full procedure and cost of sending workers to Malaysia. 

The number of workers going to Malaysia is also quite high as it has been closed for more than three years. However, many are still uncertain as to the method and cost of sending staff. Malaysia is the first choice country for expatriate workers due to good working environment and good salary and similar climate and culture with Bangladesh. But even after the signing of the MoU, many activists expressed frustration and frustration at not being able to get clear and detailed information about going to the country. They are hoping that the workers will start going to Malaysia soon.

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