Pushpa The Rise broke the record of Bahubali

Pushpa The Rise broke the record of Bahubali

Pushpa The Rise Breaks All Record in India

Prabhas starrer Bahubali would come to our mind whenever we say the highest grossing movie in the world. But recently this record was also broken. Allu Arjun's 'Pushpa The Rise' broke this record. After its release in Tamil and Hindi theaters on December 16, it was dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

The Hindi version of the movie made history by making Rs 100 crore at the box office in the seventh week of its release. It was the first film to be released at the box office with a gross of Rs 3 crore on its first day but gradually it crossed the Rs 100 crore mark.

The specialty of this film is that despite the TT platform being available on Amazon Prime, viewers are more inclined to watch it in theaters. Earlier, SS Rajamouli's film 'Bahubali the Beginning' also started in Hindi version and crossed the 100 crore mark. This film also started on the first day with an income of five crore and fifteen lakhs and gradually crossed the boundaries of 100 crores.

The Hindi version of Bahubali earned a total of Rs 11 crore. Not only did everyone like the movie, but the songs in the movie also became very popular. A large number of people have made reels on these songs. Be it Samantha’s ‘Oh Antava’ or Rasmika’s ‘Sami Sami’ or Allu Arjun’s ‘Sriballi’ song; At the peak of popularity in all of them.

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