5 Wordpress Premium Blog Themes Free Download in 2022

Wordpress Premium Blog Themes Free Download

Five Wordpress Premium Blog Themes Free Download Now

In this article, We will discuss 5 best wordpress premium blog themes free download available which is truly Adsense Friendly. And you can use these 5 premium blogger themes on your website because I will tell you how to download these 5 themes free of virus. 

For those who are just starting out with blogging, if they are just starting out with WordPress, they need to choose a good WordPress theme first.

Under the GPL license you can use the above premium 5 themes for free. This will not be a problem. And when updating, you must download the updated version from the same website and upload it manually.

Which is very nice and Adsense friendly. These are all premium themes, you can download them for free with GPL license. So let's talk about these 5 themes. Many can't find the download link So I gave the download link The download link has been placed above the names.

  1. Newspaper WordPress Theme
  2. Jannah News - WordPress Magazine News
  3. JNews WordPress Theme
  4. Publisher - News Magazine AMP
  5. Squaretype - Modern Blog WordPress Theme

All of the five themes shown above are of very good quality. Choosing one of the top five themes for your blog or website would be a very good decision. Above I have given the download link. If you download from there, there are no viruses or malicious files. And of course, before uploading to your website, you should check the theme files through Virus Total www.virustotal.com/ website.

To download the themes, you first need to visit the Gplwp.org website. Then you go to the search box of the website and enter the name of the theme. Then you will get these wordpress premium blog themes for free and free download makes easy.

If you want to know more details about the themes, you can see the following article.

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