Google Pay Service may turn into Google Pay Digital Wallet | GPay | Google Pay New Icon Revealed

Google Pay Service may turn into Google New Digital Wallet | GPay | Google Pay New Icon Revealed

Google plans to turn the Google Pay service into a full-fledged 'Google pay digital wallet' beyond the reach of mobile-based transaction apps. The so-called new 'wallet' icon of the app is giving new air to the discussion.

Technology site 9 to 5 Google has identified the new 'icon'. The site reports that, like other Google apps, the colors green, yellow, red and blue are used in the new Google Pay icon.

The design of the new icon also has some differences with the logo of Google's current 'GPay' app, according to technology site TechRoder.

However, its future promise is more important than the differences in design considering the current icons of Google's two mobile transaction apps 'GPE' and 'Google Pay'. There are clear indications that the search giant is moving ahead with its plans to turn Google Pay into a full-fledged virtual wallet, according to technology site TechReader.

New digital wallet

In October last year, Google canceled its own banking and personal financial services project, Plex. Since then, the company has hired a former PayPal official to redesign its strategy for building financial transaction services.

In this context, like the commercial publication Bloomberg, Google now wants to establish the ‘Pay’ app as the ‘overall connecting cell in the consumer-centric financial transaction sector’. The company's cryptocurrency partners are also part of the plan, according to Bloomberg.

If the Google Pay app transcends the boundaries of mobile-centric transaction apps and becomes a full-fledged digital wallet, it will have the opportunity to store digital tickets, airline passes and vaccine passports like Apple Pay, according to TechReader.

However, the current icon has been replaced by a new 'wallet' icon, but Google still faces many challenges when it comes to financial transactions, said TechReader. First, GPE is only available in the US, India and Singapore, and Google Pay is available worldwide.

There is also a difference in the service of the two apps. GP has peer-to-peer transaction services. In addition, transit passes, parking costs and car fuel can also be purchased through the app. Google Pay, on the other hand, only holds payment cards and passes.

Although the new icon hints at the future of Google Pay, TechReader reminds us that we will have to wait for an official announcement from the parent company for certain information.

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